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Going Gluten Free June 17, 2009

Filed under: Gluten Free — Laura @ 1:41 pm

I have resisted making this blog “Gluten Free” for several reasons.

1. I do not have celiac disease, although I do know a fair amount about it.

2. I do not follow a GF diet per se. I have allergies to most gluten-full products.

3. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m like (almost) everyone else who can eat things like Thin Mint Strawberry tarts.

However, through trolling the internet for things I can eat I have discovered a few things:

Gluten free, all-natural, vegan cooks are my best friends. Why? They don’t use wheat, corn (very often), eggs or cane sugar in their recipes.

Searching Google for “eggless, sugarless, wheatless muffins” is more frustrating than searching “vegan muffins” or “GF muffins” and adapting the recipes from there.

I could never be vegan. I eat dairy or meat almost every day– without them, I would starve. I respect the decision to be vegan, vegetarian, carnivore or omnivore… but my choice has been made by the way my body processes food. So, I will thank and respect the animals who sustain my life, but I haven’t the time, money or taste buds required to give up eating them all together.

Anyway… For people who have allergies or food sensitivities like I do, the search term “Gluten Free” is a gateway to recipes that are already ‘safe’ or easily adapted. I recognize the need for more blogs/recipe collections that accommodate various food issues. So… I will add Gluten Free to the tag-line of my blog; I will label recipes as GF and/or vegan friendly, and cane sugar free.

Above all, my main reason for changing this blog to a GF-friendly one is this: Dietary restrictions do NOT have to restrict your ability to enjoy food. I have found food that is deliciously tempting, healthy and won’t give me a stomach ache later. In short, GF food can be Mouthgasmic too.

Welcome to the revamped Mouthgasmic GF blog for a taste full world.


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