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Girl vs. Grill January 13, 2010

Filed under: Other — Laura @ 10:28 pm

I haven’t had a barbecue available for regular grilling since 2006. I love grilled food, so my taste buds have been quite sad. Whether pan cooked, sauteed, or baked meats and vegetables are not nearly as delicious if they aren’t grilled. Try as I might to recreate grilled chicken in my skillet, it lacks the proper texture. Seared and broiled steak may retain flavor, but I miss the charred edges the good old BBQ gives red meat. Vegetables with grill smoke are clearly superior to the steamed, fried, baked or raw variety– at least according to my own pallet. As a southwest native, I am accustomed to grilling year round. I have grilled my dinner in every season, rain or shine, night or day. I know of no rules for when it is “grilling season.”

And so, I finally broke down and purchased an indoor grill. Will it do my old BBQ justice? Will it be a quickly returned disappointment? I don’t know yet. I will return with reports of this girl’s grilling attempts.

The Grill:


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