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Guacamole dip February 3, 2010

Guacamole is one of the tastiest and most abused toppings I can think of. If I go to the store, I see sad bags or tubs of pureed avocado, the texture and flavor of which leaves something to be desired. Some restaurants have great guacamole, others… it’s runny and/or it’s flavorless. Also! It’s overpriced. At Chipotle (the restaurant, not the spice), a dollop of guacamole is 2-3 bucks! They don’t even give you a full avocado’s worth either. Since avocados here are 50-90 cents each, I set out to make my own in a way that is easy, a little bit chunky, flavorful and of course, bordering on mouthgasmic.

For approx. 2 Cups of dip:

2 avocados

1 C sour cream or plain yoghurt (amount depends on your prefered texture, consistency, density of avacado flavor)

Cayenne pepper

Garlic powder (and/or minced garlic if you have the time, or a jar of pre-minced)

Optional: minced onion for bite, chipotle powder for smoke

My methods are pretty slaphazzard:

Plop the meat of the avocado into a bowl or stand mixer. If by hand, mash using potato masher or whisk. I have to push the avocado out of the whisk occasionally, but it wasn’t too hard. In the stand mixer, use a whisk attachment and stir on low.

Add other ingredients and mix thouroughly. I like to leave some lumps because they taste good and give the dip some texture.

I could eat a whole batch with some rice crackers, some toasted rice tortillas with beans or salsa to go with it… yummmmm…


Or, I could plop some attop the enchilladas I made the other night. Evan and I ate them up too quickly, so I forgot to get pictures. This recipe itself was pretty easy, but I did do a little extra work since it was my day off.

I will try to get that recipe up today, otherwise tomorrow.