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Gobble gobble it up gravy November 30, 2009

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I didn’t like gravy very much as a kid. I still don’t crave it, and it’s not my favorite part of eating turkey or mashed potatoes, but this one turned out pretty darn well. And it was easy. Most of the flavoring is done when you season the turkey, and those flavors trickle into the fat at the bottom of the pan. Adjust seasonings to suit your turkey’s flavor.

The only problem is that it reduced down really really far, but if you like thin gravy you would be able to get more out of it. I like my gravy thicker though.


Turkey juices/fat skimmed from pan

Rice flour: 1tsp to 1tbs, depending on how much gravy

Water or stock for dissolving flour

Pinch of Salt (I used lemon salt, but you could use garlic, onion or sea salt too)

Garlic powder to taste

Paprika– sprinkling

Nutmeg– sprinkling

TBS of honey or fructose or sugar

Cream or Half & Half


To do:

Slowly dissolve rice flour into stock or water; heat in a wide pan for better evaporation. Once rice flour is dissolved (watch out for lumps!), add turkey juices. Add seasonings and sweetener; stir frequently. Simmer until reduced to desired thickness. Remove from heat and add cream/half ½ stirring quickly to prevent scalding. If the gravy has thinned too far, reduce further to desired thickness.