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Ice Cream! for the eddibly impaired June 30, 2009

About 31/2 years ago, I was diagnosed with 11 food sensitivities. The biggies: wheat, corn, sugar, egg and yeast.

When was the last time I had commercial ice cream that tasted divine and didn’t make me ill later?

Last night.

My mom has been very supportive of my food issues, and has made homemade ice cream before. It was great, but it never keeps well. Such is the shelf span of any homemade ice cream I’ve encountered. Plus, my sister can’t have a lot of dairy, so that complicated our recipes further. We made a pretty tasty coconut ice cream several months ago, but it still doesn’t store as well as commercial ice cream.

Now, I have found the store-bought version and it lives only a couple blocks away! You can buy “ice cream” without milk, sugar or eggs (and certified organic and vegan)… at Safeway, Whole Foods, and probably other stores I haven’t discovered yet. If you can handle cane sugar, your options are wider- I have a recomendation for the pomogranate chocolate chip.

This isn’t a cheap dessert, but for someone who wants to have ice cream around and eat it too… literally- it’s worth it for those terrible sweet cravings.

Here’s a link to the chocolate coconut which is my favorite. You can find the full list under the heading “Products.”