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Crockpot bangers and unmash January 26, 2010

Bangers and mash is a dish of mashed potatoes and sausages served for breakfast in England and possibly other places.  All I know is that potatoes and sausage belong together- preferably with some onions for company. Mashed potatoes are too much work for every day, so I usually just dice and pan frymy potatoes.

So when I found a couple recipes for making this delicious combination of starch and protein in a crockpot, my mouth began watering. I can make breakfast while I sleep? whoo hoo!

My version is “unmashed” because its easier, but the idea is the same:

Drizzle a little oil on the bottom of your crockpot/slow cooker.

If you’re using uncooked sausage, put that on the bottom of the pot before adding your veggies. If using pre-cooked sausage (I used Aidell’s chicken and apple) slice and mix in with the vegetables.

Chop (large bites) a serving per person of onions, potatoes, carrots, and any other root vegetables you like and add to the pot.

Season with lemon or kosher salt (something large grained is preferable) and minced garlic at the least. Add some cayenne pepper or chipotle powder for heat, or dijon mustard and a touch of honey for a tangy bite. Work with the sausage you’re using as a guide for flavoring the vegetables.

Your cook time depends on how much food is in the pot. I cooked 2 large servings on high for 4 hours and it was perfect. If you have enough food in the pot, you could cook it on low for 6-8 hours while you’re at work or asleep.

To make mine even more decadent, I added a splash of cream to my individual portion and mashed it with a little of the potato to make a creamy sauce.

****REMEMBER**** You still have time to get your recipes in for this month’s “Go Ahead Honey, it’s Gluten Free!” See my previous post for information.